IP Trace Service at ipalf.com

The IP trace service at ipalf.com allows you to lookup the IP address of any internet user in order to find the location of where they are coming from in the world. As you probably know, everyone with an internet service provider has an IP address. This address is basically an identifier that is unique to each individual internet subscriber. Any time you go somewhere and visit a website, your IP address is being recorded by the hosting server of that website. Usually the webmasters of a website can view this address in their server logs. Law enforcement and other governmental agencies also have the right to see the server logs through a subpoena or a warrant, which happens if illegal activity was performed on the internet. But in all other situations, the individuals and webmasters are the ones who have to worry about it.

Ipalf.com is considered to be an international IP locator tool and comes in five languages. To the left of the IP search box you will see five national flags. Each flag represents a different language you can change the website content into. You can choose from English, French, German, Spanish and Hindi. This will come in very handy when you are reading the textual information about the IP address on the bottom of the search results. You will get to see information for the country, state, city, postal code, time zone, latitude, longitude, and internet service provider of the IP address you are searching. This can tell you a lot of useful things that you may want to know about a particular person you are dealing with on the internet. For one thing, it can help you determine the demographical information of the people who are coming to your website.

It can also help you stop a person that is causing trouble on the internet because you can just contact their ISP. By default, you will see your own IP address when you first go to the website.

Ipalf.com is a 100% free IP locator tool that comes with an IP geolocation map. This map is powered by Google Maps and allows you to see the specific region of the world where the IP address is coming from. You can perform all of the basic functions that you are used to with Google Maps, such as satellite imagery, street view imagery, zoom in, and zoom out. As an alternative, you can also switch to the Windows Live Maps powered by Microsoft. They offer similar mapping features to Google Maps, but instead of street view you can switch to bird’s eye view. Again, both of these mapping tools are free for everyone to use. There is no better IP locator than the one found on ipalf.com and free to use.